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can help you eliminate bad odors in your clinic.

Veterinarian Exclusive Resources

Make Every Impression Count, Don’t Take a Chance with Bad Odor! Unpleasant animal-related odors are a common, daily occurrence, and managing them safely and effectively is an important part of keeping your work environment pleasant and your clients satisfied.

Thornell specializes in creating products that permanently eliminate malodors – complex blends that work through counteraction, absorption, molecular bonding, inhibitors and residual actions.

Each product is specially formulated for a unique purpose.
They are NOT masks. They are NOT enzymes.

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Veterinary Clinic Odor Zones

Click on the Clinic Odor Zone below to preview Thornell products that apply to that specific zone.

(kennel, grooming, dog & cat ward) Managing odors such as urine and emesis in this zone is key to sending your patients…

The STAFF Zone
(laundry, laboratory, conference room, pack/scrub & treatment area) Addressing odors throughout this zone makes your daily work…

(lobby & waiting area, bathroom, retail, exam room & home) Keep client retention high and bad perceptions low by effectively…