Pet ownership can be very rewarding, but its not without its share of unique challenges. Unwanted animal related odor can be especially frustrating and difficult to manage.

From normal dog and cat body odor, litter box and kennel odor, to odors from urine, feces and skunk spray – leaving odor problems left unresolved can cause uneeded friction between you and your pet.

Thornell specializes in creating products that permanently eliminate malodors – complex blends of natural ingredients that work through various methods and actions. All of Thornell’s products are non-flammable, non-irritating, non-carcinogenic and biodegradable.

Our products are NOT masks and they are NOT enzymes – which means that their effectiveness is not reduced when used in conjunction with other cleaning solutions and disinfectants.

Each of our products is specially formulated for a unique purpose and is safe for use on any surface or directly on the animal.

As with any pet care product, consult with your veterinarian and review and follow the label directions.