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8 - Deciphering What Pheromones are Saying

Deciphering What Pheromones are Saying

A few examples where pheromone detection stimulates response in cats
and dogs are:

  • Territorial Lines

    Male cats mark their territory with urine or with pheromones from glands in their face and feet. They will travel their territorial boundaries frequently, sniffing at their markings, and reapplying when the odor diminishes. Other male cats will smell the markings and either respect the territory, or attempt to take it over by introducing their own scent markings.

  • Clear and Present Danger

    Have you ever observed a dog or cat entering the outdoors with head held alert, whiskers twitching, and nostrils wide open? They are sniffing out potential harm. Often using all of their senses to identify threats and preparing a plan of action.

  • To Locate a Mate

    Female cats and dogs in in their estrus cycle exude a powerful sexual pheromone that can be scented by a male for great distances. If you’ve ever been entertained by choruses of lusting Toms outside your home while your intact female cat tries every means of escape, you’ll appreciate this phenomenon. Female cats and dogs can also scent out a preferred mate by his territorial markings.