Sniffing Your Way to Better Hospital Experiences – Materials

16 - Conclusions


In addition to delivering top quality medical care, progressive healthcare teams today are placing attention on enhancing the overall hospital experience for their patients and clients.

We offer ready-to-make coffee machines and fresh baked cookies in the waiting area, we scrub the kennel areas with industrial strength antiseptic solutions and we send our patients home with a spray of “pet perfume” to reinforce the top quality of care and service offered at our hospital. These are all fantastic measures to reinforce with our clients, however, we can also benefit from taking steps to neutralize offending scents and minimize stress to help ease our patients’ senses during their hospital stays. By implementing a few very simple measures we can transform our hospitals into olfactory friendly environments that enhance the overall in-hospital experience and help strengthen our patient-client-healthcare team bonds.

Key Points

  • A dog’s sense of smell is estimated to be 10,000 times more sensitive than humans.
  • Dogs and cats have both primary and secondary olfactory systems.
  • Scents can directly trigger emotions and behaviors; some good, some bad.
  • Neutralizing odors can decrease stress stimulators in your hospital.
  • Pheromone use is proven to ease stress for dogs and cats.
  • A heightened client and patient experience can be achieved through use of odor neutralizers and pheromones.
  • Helpful tips for enhancing hospital visits are available through the Fear-Free Center on

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