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Oooh That Smell,
Can't You Smell That Smell?
By: Fritz Wood, CPA, CFP

Simple Client Survey

Ask clients: “Would you recommend our practice to a friend?”

I’ve read many books on client surveys, and I’ve determined this is THE critical question. It’s not my idea…it’s courtesy of Fred Reichheld in ‘The Ultimate Question’ (2006). He recommends respondents choose on a scale between 0 (Definitely Would Not) to 10 (Definitely Would).

You’re aiming for 9’s and 10’s (Promoters or Advocates)…NOT 7’s and 8’s (Passives…passively satisfied) or 0-6’s (Detractors or Critics). Most companies are pretty happy if 30-40% or respondents answer 9’s and 10’s. Compare you-to-you, aiming for continuous improvement.